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Yellow lab puppy

Puppy Head Start:

Puppy Head Start is just what the name entails as a “Head Start” for your retriever puppy making future training so much easier and faster.


This program is for retriever puppies under 4 months old. Training can be for a week here and there, for a few months, or done with private lessons. Puppy head start is beneficial for ALL retrievers whether your goal with your retriever is a nice hunting dog or a AKC Master Hunter.

Black lab puppy running in grass.
Three Labrador puppies running in grass.

I work with every retriever puppy as if it is my own ensuring your retriever puppy will make an excellent gun dog and/or hunt test competitor as well as a great family pet. During their stay, your retriever puppy will be boarded and trained by me. We will work on puppy basics such as potty training, socializing, and crate training. We will introduce your retriever puppy to: Water, birds (pigeons for smaller retriever pups or ducks for bigger retriever puppies), and gun fire. Marking skills are taught, basic obedience training, and puppy handling. I also teach puppy hold and happy fetch, which is very helpful when it comes time to start Force Fetch with your pup! Puppies who go through my puppy head start often learn faster, and go further with their training. It’s well worth the extra training for your puppy!

Mixed Lab puppy in gravel.
Chocolate lab puppy at the vet.
Black lab puppy sitting in grass.

The number of dogs in training at one time is limited ensuring your dog gets the time and training they deserve. To discuss availability and a training program for your new puppy:


Dog sitting on log looking over Columbia River.
Dog sitting on log looking over Columbia River.
Black lab running with duck.
Cute mix dog sitting on log.

If an owner is committed to retriever training on their own, but needs a little help from a professional dog trainer from time to time, retriever training lessons are the way to go. Retriever training lessons will be tailored to the individual retriever’s level at that point in time. The one-on-one attention an owner and retriever receive in these dog training lessons can include anything from introducing your new retriever puppy to birds and gun fire, to force fetching, to training your dog to handle and run blinds.

A dog named Mel sitting near tall grass.
Four Labradors sitting together.

Retriever puppy private lessons are individually designed for each retriever puppy to encourage natural talent, ability, and confidence. A retriever puppy private lesson can be as simple as introducing your retriever to birds or more advanced; For example, teaching your retriever puppy to retrieve multiple marks.

For more advanced retrievers, dog training lessons will be tailored to the individual retriever’s level of training at that time. For example, lessons for running blinds can cover everything and anything from correctly teaching a T Drill, and/or Lining Drill to running a Mark/Blind Drill.

A dog named Murph sitting in the grass.
Four chocolate Labradors sitting together.
Golden retriever sitting on lawn chair.

Lessons are one hour and can be scheduled randomly, or every week, whatever works for you and your retriever. After the lesson I will be available through email to answer any questions you might have. Also if you are getting private lessons you are welcome to join my training group. To schedule a private lesson, specifically designed just for your retriever or to learn more about the Rogue Retriever’s training program:

Retriever Private Lessons:

Let me start by saying, I am one of the only professional retriever trainers in the Pacific Northwest that offers private lessons. I believe if owners want to train their retriever on their own and not leave their dog in a kennel, that should be an option for them! I love working with people and their dogs, and seeing them excel together.

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Retriever dog named Colt

Hunting Dog Programs:

Basic gun dog training and boarding is for retrievers 6 months and older, and is a 3 month minimum commitment.


This Basic Program will get your retriever ready for hunting season, and could be the foundation for any future training. This program is centered around waterfowl hunting, though initial up-land hunting can and will be taught.

Black lab carrying a duck
Chocolate lab carrying a duck

Your retriever will be taught to hold and be force fetched, ensuring a great retrieve and delivery to hand. Your retriever will be taught to mark on land and water, be introduced to gun fire, and birds. Depending on how quick your dog excels in this program, beginning handling will also be taught. Owners are strongly encouraged to participate in the training as much a possible! The more time you handle your retriever in person and at home during training, the better the long term outcome of your bird hunting dog.

Chocolate lab in a hunting tent.
Labrador sitting next to hunter.
Black Labrador in a hunting tent.

Advanced Training is for someone that wants an EXCELLENT hunting partner, and/or wants to compete with their retriever in AKC or UKC Hunt Tests. This program is for dogs that have been through our basic gun dog program, or have been through force fetch. Advanced training is very involved. A lot of time and commitment is needed from both retriever and their owner to excel at this program. The time commitment for this program varies by what you want out of your retriever, it can be anywhere from 1 month to 6 months.

A Labrador splashing through the water
A Black Labrador diving into water.

The main focus of this training program is to teach retrievers to handle a sequence of drills. When your retriever can successfully run a T-Drill (handling drill), initial blind training begins. Retrievers are taught sight blinds and memory blinds. Once your retriever can run an acceptable land blind, they are taught to run water blinds. These skills are again built upon by introducing marks to the blinds. While your dog is being trained to handle, your dog will also continue to train on field work. Multiple markings will be taught, doubles, and triples. Additionally, dogs will be water forced and shore broken. Owners are strongly encouraged to participate in the advanced retriever training as much as possible.

Black Labrador in hunting attire.
Hunting dog with ducks in a boat.
Cute hunting dog.

The number of dogs in training at one time is limited ensuring your retriever gets the time and training they deserve. To discuss availability and a training program for your new pup:

Dog sitting on log near Columbia River.

All Breed Obedience:

Are you and your dog struggling with any of the following?

  • Crate Training

  • Barking

  • Jumping on People

  • Counter Surfing

  • Place

  • Leash Manners

  • Socialization

  • Sit and Stay

  • Down and Stay

  • Off Leash Recall

If so, my ALL breed obedience board and train program is perfect for you and your dog!

Sheppard laying in grass.
Pointer dog laying on a log stump.

Rogue Retrievers offers a Board and Train Program focusing on obedience training that is structured just for your dog. I offer dog obedience training for every level and breed of dog. Whether it is socializing the fearful German Shepherd you recently adopted, teaching your over-excited Labrador Retriever to walk calmly on their lead, or teaching your Border Collie AKC Rally, I have a program for you!

Sheppard dog in competition.
Mixed breed dog sitting.

All dogs will be taught the fundamental obedience commands: Sit, come, stay, and how to walk on their lead (heeling). Issues specific to your dog will be addressed as well. After the basics are worked on at the kennel, real life distractions will be added. We take our boarding dogs out into the “world” to work on their new skills. For example, your dog will be taken to the park or pet store to work on heeling in unfamiliar or new spaces. They may be taken on a “hike” to work on their recall in environments where distractions may otherwise be a frequent issue. We identify the most fundamental training issues in these environments, then work on them directly.

Australian Sheppard sitting.
Mixed breed dog holding a toy.
Doodle dog

Your dog will be boarded and trained at our facility for 4-6 weeks. For the first 2-3  weeks of boarding, I work closely with your dog, one-on-one. By week 3 and beyond, I have owners come out to assist in the training process. The most important aspect of the board and train program is owner participation. Whenever possible the whole family should be involved to help the success of your family dog’s obedience training. Two lessons while the dog is in training and a follow up are included in the board and train program. I am also available if you need help in the future or if refresher training is needed.

Belgian Malinois on a rock

All Breed

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Two dogs sitting in the gravel.

Obedience Private Lessons:

If you have a reactive dog that would not do well in a class setting, a dog with one specific issue like jumping, or you can’t fit a four-six week class into your schedule, private dog training lessons are perfect for you!


Don’t rely on online “experts” and books alone, see the difference a hands on professional dog trainer can make for you and your dog.

Cute German Short Haired Pointer respoding to training clicker.
Two dogs sitting on the asphalt.

One of the most important things about my dog training lessons: They can be tailored specifically to your dog's needs. No two dogs are the same, and each needs to be analyzed and planned for. Schedule a private obedience lesson for your reactive dog, introduce them to new dogs to challenge and overcome their specific reactivity issue.

Soon after, they can calmly walk in the park or take a public class. Maybe you have a dog who jumps on your children, so you schedule an obedience lesson with your entire family in mind. Working on each animal's specific trouble areas and circumstantial issues is a truly important part of getting them the training they need. That’s what I’m here for. For more information:

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