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Adrienne Hardin training a dog.

Breeding Program:

At Rogue Retrievers, I have puppies all over the United States from California to Montana to New York. Most of my puppies are family pets, but many also compete in AKC Hunt Tests, Agility, and some are service dogs.

In addition to the breed of Labrador, I offer two kinds of labs: Field Labs and Show Labs. Field Labs are bred specifically for hunting and competing, they can also be pets but need a lot of exercise. If you are interested in a Field Lab but are not a hunter, they can also be very happy with an active lifestyle - IE hiking, jogging, and/or agility. Show Labradors are a little calmer Labrador more suited for the family, but can also be taught to hunt.

English Labrador Retriever with two ribbons.
Hunting Chocolate Lab holding a duck.

When looking for a puppy and researching breeders I strongly suggest educating yourself in the difference of the two Labradors. The aptitude of the retriever puppies for sale depends on their lineage and therefore prospective owners will be pre-qualified to ensure that the retriever puppies are going to be placed in the right home environment.

Yellow lab puppy.
Chocolate Lab puppy at the vet.
Black Lab puppy.

As a dog trainer, many of the puppies/dogs that come to me are from poor breeding or uneducated breeders who do not understand how important early socialization is. Because of this, I spend a ton of hands-on time with my puppies from day one! My puppies are lovingly bred and raised in my home kennel, just north of Portland in Scappoose, Oregon. I socialize the retriever puppies with people and other dogs. I keep my puppies until they are 8 weeks old to socialize and learn from their littermates. The puppies are handled as much as possible. In the beginning they’re just around me and my family. We hold and “play” with them, even when they are very young. As the puppies get older, they meet lots of people and kids. My nieces are known to spend lots of time with the puppies. Additionally, introductory potty training, puppy obedience, and hunting training are taught.

All of my breeding stock have had their clearances before being bred. My girls have their Hip, Eye, and Elbow clearances. They are also tested for EIC, CNM and PRA. Plus, all of my puppies are dewormed, micro-chipped, and vaccinated. At this time Rogue Retrievers offers Chocolate, Black and Yellow Labrador Retriever puppies for sale. Please check back periodically on my website for specific information on litters of retriever puppies for sale. Each upcoming litter of puppies has a description of what type of potential they will have and therefore what type of person/family they would be best suited for.

Rogue Dogs

Dog sitting on a log near Columbia River

Current Litters:

Alaska’s Northern Flyer MH QAA, Pilot  x  Rogue’s Turnin’ Up The Wick JH, Boost

Puppies were born 10/27/2023 (Two females currently available)

A dog named Pilot sitting on hay.
A dog named Pilot with a ribbon.

Pilot MH QAA 

"Pilot" is the dog we'd all love to have! Pilot matured very early, and his trainer says he has been a pleasure to train. He loves to work hard, and gives everything he has, every time he's out. He is a great marker, and runs excellent blinds. He earned his master title and a master national pass under the age of 3. He qualified at the master nationals in Georgia again this year (2023), making it his second year qualifying in a row! Click below to see Pilot's pedigree and clearances.

A dog named Boost holding a ribbon.
A dog named Boost with her puppies.

Boost JH

"Boost" is an energetic fun loving dog that will get you a bird as fast as she can! She enjoys training whether it's hunting training, agility, or obedience. Boost is a Junior Hunter working towards Senior Level. She is also training for obedience, and rally.

This is Boost’s first litter, 6 female puppies were born on 10/27/2023, with two puppies available. These pups will make excellent hunting dogs, hunt test competitors, service dogs, agility competitors, and/or active pets. The puppies will have early socialization around other dogs, people, kids, different environments and sounds. They will also be started on potty training, birds, and crate training among other things. They will have their first round of vaccines, be dewormed, and microchipped before going to their new homes. These pups will be great for hunting, dog sports, service work, or just a very active companion. They are selling for $2000.00 and deposits are now being taken. Click below to see Boost's pedigree and clearances.

Black Lab puppies
A dog sniffing her ultrasound.
Black Lab puppies

I have bred this line before and done a similar pairing. The pups from past breedings have been great! They have gone on to be everything from hunting dogs, to agility competitors, to service dogs. This breeding will be no different!

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Adorable chocolate lab.

Started Dogs:

Meet Mis Mel, she is a started gun dog looking for her hunting partner. Mel is a large female, about 70lbs. She half show and half field out of my dog Int’ All Grit No Quit JH and Willy Be a Winner MH. 

Mel is collar conditioned for recall and force fetch. She is mostly steady, has no issues with gun fire and loves water and ducks! Mel walks nicely on a lead, is crate trained, and is good in the house with some management (she is a big puppy). She does well with cats and loves other dogs!  She would be fine with older kids. She could do well with younger kids with some management. She is just a big goofball.

A dog named Mel holding a duck.
A dog named Mel laying in her bed.

Mel is looking for a hunting home and/or an active family where she can be the only dog or one of few instead of many. She is “Advanced” Junior level and ready to hunt this season. Please contact me for more details.

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